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Welcome to AHEM’s 1 Planet Project, a web series that empowers you to use your voice to shape the future by equipping you with insights from trailblazers who combine their circumstances, expertise, and passion to champion habitable surroundings and nurturing societies.

We may be different, but all humans share a common story - Earth is our home. Sounds pretty obvious, right? Well, our home has actually become a pretty messy place. How people have allocated resources has led to all kinds of complex, interdependent social problems - like extreme poverty and starvation, illness, child labor, and widespread conflict.

In the face of so many problems, it can seem like we are individually small and like our actions are insignificant.

That’s where AHEM’s 1 Planet Project comes in.

On each webisode, we sit down with amazing people who have started where they are with what they have to make significant, and often unexpected, strides towards interrupting a cultural mythology or lifestye practice. Their insights inspire us all to reflect on our own circumstances, expertise, and passion. After all, individual starts with "I", and it's going to take all of us, each taking our own next step, to create habitable surroundings and nurturing societies for all.

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AHEM recently wrapped production on its 1 Planet Project video series. We were lucky enough to work with an Emmy Award winning production studio, and we can't wait to share them with you. We just need to sort out a few things first, but don't worry, these webisodes are worth the wait.

Stay tuned.

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