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Welcome to the Anti Human Extinction Movement

The Anti Human Extinction Movement (AHEM) is a social change organization that recognizes we need to declare our interdependence and interrupt everything if we're going to avoid human extinction. Since 2010, the organization has been uniting people worldwide to give us all a voice in our future and shape human civilization around a shared vision of one planet living that's based on scientific data.

Anti Human Extinction Movement, you say?
People often claim we need to save the planet, but they've got it all wrong. One of the tidbits AHEM has learned from the planet's tumultuous past is that in the long term, we don’t need to worry about saving the planet. It’s going to be fine; whether or not humans will be able to continue living here on Earth - now, that's the real issue.

The planet has survived many mass extinctions. Remember the dinosaurs? They came, they lived, and after they went extinct the planet continued on. In fact, more than ninety percent of all organisms that ever existed on Earth are now extinct. That's right, MORE THAN 90%! With the odds seemingly stacked against us, humans have managed to remain among the tiny minority of species that continues to exist. High five!

The problem is, we haven't been helping our odds. Earth is the only place currently known to support human life. We all share this home and the resources on it. How we've allocated our resources has led to complex problems that threaten our long-term surrvival, yet we haven't quite seemed to catch on that if we muck up our surroundings, we can't exchange them for another life sustaining planet. That'll be it for us, and if we fail to solve our social problems, that'll be it for us.

We'd like to pass on the whole humans going extinct thing so we started approaching problem solving from that standpoint - avoiding human extinction - and we turned it into a movement, the "anti human extinction movement."

What do you mean "interrupt everything"? Can you be more specific?
We are currently lucky enough to be among the 10% of organisms ever to have lived on Earth that are still alive today. Amazing, right? Too bad, we haven't been doing much to help ourselves stay here. Whoops...

Unfortunately, humans face a LOT of serious problems on the one planet we share. Extreme poverty and starvation, global warming, terrorism, and pollution are just a few examples, but the list is long. Correction, the list is very long. Every single problem on that very long list will need fixing if humans intend to avoid extinction. That's why we need to interrupt everything - from our cultural mythologies to our lifestyles to - if we want to solve all of our problems and avoid extinction.

So, why do we need to declare our interdependence?
We unite people worldwide to interrupt everything and declare our interdependence so that we can finally work together to align human activities towards human survival and get these problems solved. At AHEM, we got tired of people arguing about what the most important problems are we need to fix because it is impossible to find a truly independent, insular problem among the many serious problems we face. Our problems are interdependent, and we are interdependent, because humans are all connected to the limitations of Earth’s resources and all share the same basic needs for survival. We depend on both resources and one another to survive so all of our serious problems are really just complications with people, resources, or both. We acknowledge that one planet living will require confronting, and in some cases setting aside, myths we've held close to the heart and implementing lifestyle changes to correct them.

Change sure isn’t easy, but separating ourselves into groups, blaming each other for our problems, and arguing about whose cause is more important than someone else's is not the solution. That’s how we created the serious problems we face today. None of us chose where we were born, but we’re all members of the same worldwide community and as such we are all responsible for getting these problems solved. All of our efforts are important because if we solve all but one of our problems, we haven’t been successful.

Well this all sounds interesting, but is this some kind of extremist thing?
Certainly a question worth asking, but no - AHEM is quite the opposite actually. In fact, we are a community of collaboratists. AHEM isn’t about creating or destroying some government - it’s about each one of us - recognizing that humans are connected, that we rely on one another and our surroundings, and that all people share the same basic requirements for survival. AHEM is about collaborating and learning to live within the means of the one planet we share so that each and every one of us benefits from habitable surroundings and nurturing societies. Since nobody can be the expert in everything, it'll take all of us working together to get these problems, collaborate with us!

We can do better.

Welcome to AHEM.

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