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Meet Chris Blockus, AHEM Co-Founder

A graduate of The College of New Jersey (BA, History), Chris has a passion for helping others form their own evidence-based opinions about the world. As a young child he developed an appreciation for the details that go into creating a memorable story, and it impacted his lifelong interest in understanding world cultures.

In addition to his work with AHEM, Chris currently works as a seventh grade social studies teacher at Mountain View Middle School, the only school in New Jersey to win consecutive “Schools to Watch” titles. There, he co-designed and implemented an innovative, thematic, and comparative social studies curriculum that focuses on understanding societies through cultural, political, economic, and technological paradigm shift.

An avid documentary film watcher and non-fiction reader, Chris is all about learning something new and sharing it with others.  He is also a board game lover and can get pretty competitive about it. (Fortunately Laura was once a winning game show contestant and can hold her own in that department, too. Read more about Laura.)

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Chris Blockus AHEM Co-Founder
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