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About AHEM's Declaration of Interdependence

History is full of important documents that shaped human civilization and tell a story about the cultures that produced them...where they came from and what they stood for. The Declaration of Interdependence is the founding document of the Anti Human Extinction Movement (AHEM).

Unlike documents of the past, AHEM’s Declaration of Interdependence isn't about creating or destroying a government. It's about recognizing the responsibilities we each have on the one planet we share- and that's why it's open for all of us to sign. AHEM’s declaration:

  • bases its claims on scientific evidence;
  • defines "we" as all people;
  • defines basic human needs as habitable surroundings and nurturing societies;
  • defines living sustainably as meeting human needs today without taking away the ability to do so in the future;
  • identifies the consequences of human activities and the obstacles humans have created in our pursuit for long-term survival on the one planet we share;
  • lays out the reasons why it has become necessary for people around the world to eliminate destructive cultural beliefs and unite to solve the problems we face; and
  • contends that all people are connected and, in some way, rely on one another.

AHEM's Declaration of Interdependence is based on the US Declaration of Independence. You might be surprised how few words needed to be changed to take a document about separating from British rule (and explaining why it was necessary to do so) and turn it into a document about joining together to combat human extinction (and explaining the reasons why).


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Awesome! Check out AHEM's Declaration of Interdependence, and then add your John Hancock to the list of signatures from around the world. In addition to the original version, you can also read the complete modernized version, if you're not the 1776 type.

Time to get your sign on...

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