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Meet Laura Stanik, AHEM Founder

A graduate of both Brown University (AB) and Rutgers University (MS, Global Affairs and mini-MBA), Laura has a passion for community building and transforming the complex social structures that inform and underpin the world’s most pressing issues. As a young child, she saw a barge dump garbage into the ocean, and it forever changed her life. This brief moment in the ocean sparked not only a long list of questions about the core values that shape human life on the one planet we share but also a lifelong desire to effect sustainable systemic social change. Forever a work in progress, AHEM represents Laura's life philosophy: a mix of dedication, intention, motivation, and humor.

In addition to her work with AHEM, Laura is an Adjunct Professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where she teaches an honors-level sustainability course (Society, Technology, and the Environment) through the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science. In her spare time, Laura also works as an image concierge and educational consult. She has proudly gained recognition for her work, including her recent international DV Award for outstanding digital video production.

Known for still "playing outside" and being first on the dance floor (usually the last to leave, too), Laura is all about making her own good time and creating fun experiences for others. (Fortunately Chris used to be a DJ and also knows a thing or two about how to bust a move and get the crowd going. Read more about Chris.)

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AHEM Founder Laura Stanik
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