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Have you made the switch to INTERdependence Day?

Why celebrating interdependence is so 2016...

Today in many countries around the world, people are gathering together with friends and family to celebrate July 4th, a day that has historically glorified a sacred cultural value: independence. For the United States, it’s a day to celebrate the Continental Congress formally adopting the Declaration of Independence and separating the thirteen colonies from the British Empire - something that was HUGE in 1776. In the Philippines, it’s Republic Day, which commemorates its 1946 separation from the United States. Meanwhile, in Rwanda, today is Liberation Day, a day that commemorates the end of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

Here at AHEM, we’re all about celebrating the accomplishments of society and the spirit and power of free individuals, but it’s 2016 and we’re more reliant on one another and our surroundings than ever. Rather than maintaining today as a day for one group of people to glorify their separation from another, we’ve made the switch to a day for everyone to celebrate our connectedness.

That is why, on July 4, 2013, AHEM unveiled its Declaration of Interdependence, a symbol of our global realization that collaboration is more powerful than separation, that we are free but interdependent individuals.

Today, we still gather with friends and family, we still reflect on the accomplishments of society, and sure we’re up for a cookout, a backyard game or two, and even an evening of fireworks. We just figured it was time for our celebration to reflect the times and refocus our intentions. So, we decided to interrupt everything and declare our interdependence.

This year, we’re adding to our annual celebration with our first ever reading of the Declaration of Interdependence. History is full of important documents that shaped human civilization and tell a story about the cultures that produced them...where they came from and what they stood for. Unlike documents of the past, AHEM’s Declaration of Interdependence isn't about some government. It's about recognizing that we’re all connected and that we all need habitable surroundings and nurturing societies.

Check it out below, and then add your John Hancock to the list of signatures from around the world. If you’re SO 2016, you can even skip the complex prose and read the modernized version.

Happy Interdependence Day, collaboratists!



this post was co-authored by Laura Stanik and Chris Blockus, AHEM Founders | July 4, 2016

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