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If you've made your way here from the Declaration, you'll find we have everything ready for you. High five! When you're done checking out the evidence supporting the grievence you just searched, head back to the Declaration, or stay and play a bit.

We are threatening our chances for long-term survival because:
We have placed growth in a position of paramount importance without concern for the environmental, health, and social consequences of doing so, ignoring our inescapable tie to our habitat and causing a dangerous decline in the biodiversity of species upon which we depend directly and indirectly for healthy food, clean water, and breathable air.

For example:
We have decreased the diversity of species and in some cases even gentically slowed their ability to naturally select, leaving those species that remain more vulnerable to the vaugaries of disease, drought, and extreme weather and increasing the chances of intra-species plague.


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At AHEM, we take facts seriously. Seriously...

AHEM's Declaration of Interdependence includes six grievances that demonstrate how our actions have been threatening our chances for long-term survival. Each of these grievances is further explained through examples, which get into more detail about what we have done. Finally, each of these examples is backed up with supporting evidence that illustrates the explanation.

We're constantly adding more pieces of evidence as events occur so this page is always a work in progress.

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