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Signatories to AHEM's Declaration of Interdependence | signatures
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....We, therefore, the Representatives of the Anti Human Extinction Movement, in Virtual Congress, Assembled...mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Resources and our sustainable Commitments.

Laura Stanik
Chris Blockus
Andy Mudrak
Soumya Sudhakar
Hebert Peck
Jason Pappas
Bridget Craig
Elyse! Rivera
Jamie Figliolino
Samantha Braver
Andrew Bloniarz
Dorcey Baker
T Rao
Megan Larkin
Richard Park
Danielle M
Gina Blockus
jesse thompson
Lucas DeLima
Sarah Hatcher
Seneca  Velling
Olivia Ercilla
Leokadia Stanik
Eric Conrad
Pam M
Alison Godfrey
Jennifer Thomas
Ted Stanik
Kevin Cashman
Joel Sanchez
Kathryn Jones
Alexis Truchan



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