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Celebrate INTERdependence Day this July 4th

July 4, 2013 marked AHEM's first celebration of INTERdependence Day, memorializing the 2013 release of AHEM's Declaration of Interdependence, a symbol of our global realization that collaboration is more powerful than separation.

This July 4th, go bigger than loving just a country. Join AHEM's global community of collaboratists, and put INTERdependence first. It's better together!

No matter where you are, you can join the festivities. Here's how:

    After you get your sign on, sign up for even more fun with your very own AHEM sign!

  1. Download some AHEM swag to display throughout the day:
  2. Use the sign as is - or get creative and pin one to your shirt, hat, beach towel, etc - or make it into a drink "umbrella" or, well, you get the idea...have fun with it!
  3. Then, *ahem* interrupt everything with your sign on July 4th
  4. Hashtag the heck out of #interday #AHEM, and encourage others to get their sign on and up.

Throw an Interdependence Day party like we are:

  • Select local, organic, in season, and homemade (where posible) in terms of food/drinks;
  • Make sure your serving supplies are reusable or biodegradable (for example, we're using fabric napkins and our regular plates, faltware, glasses, and platters);
    • Think "enough" not "over the top". Often we can get carried away having a big spread when we invite guests over, but this is INTERdependence Day be as sustainable as possible (for example, we will have some snacks, a main course, and something sweet - our menu is small but yummy);
  • Go red, white, and black for your color scheme. Try not to buy any new "stuff" for decorations, but find items you already own to incorporate. (We're using candles we have, incorporating AHEM-colored foods, and asking people we know to borrow items we don't have);
  • Invite guests to sign AHEM's Declaration of Interdependence (for example, we'll have our mobile devices at the ready to collect signatures from those interested); and
  • Most importantly, plan to have fun with your guests because life's better together (for example, in addition to hanging out and enjoying the sparkling conversation, we're including some activities using items we already have). Whatever you do - games or not - just make sure you take a moment to raise a glass to friends, family, and connectedness.

Happy Interdependence Day!

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It's official. On July 4th, 2013, AHEM opened its Declaration of Interdependence for us all to sign. In addition to the original version, you can also read the complete modernized version, if you're not the 1776 type.

Time to get your sign on...



We're as jazzed up as you are about celebrating Interdependence Day. Celebrate in style by dowloading an AHEM social media profile photo or an AHEM file from the swag bag so you can put interdependence first throughout the day.

Or download them all...
(no need to bottle that excitement)


WHY CELEBRATE JULY 4th?AHEM Interdependence Day

AHEM's got some darn good reasons for celebrating Interdependence Day this July 4th. Find out what they are before you start planning your Interdependence Day celebration.

Read AHEM's blog to find out...

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