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AHEM Interdependence Day


AHEM Finds a Unique Way to Celebrate July 4th

BEDMINSTER TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (July 4, 2013) - This July 4th, the Anti Human Extinction Movement (AHEM) and its community of collaboratists are flipping the script and going global by celebrating a holiday that memorializes the start of peace via the launch of AHEM’s Declaration of Interdependence. Continue Reading...

AHEM Rushes to Colbert's Aid

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (for Colbert’s sake).

AHEM Rushes to Stephen Colbert’s Aid

BEDMINSTER TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (June 25, 2013) - In an effort to help political pundit and talk show host Stephen Colbert secure his rightful place in the history books as a great founding father, the Anti Human Extinction Movement (AHEM) rushed to Colbert’s aid Tuesday and offered him the opportunity to be among the first to sign AHEM’s Declaration of Interdependence, which is launching July 4, 2013. Continue reading...


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