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Sincere Thanks to Alesha Peluso and Three Summers Creative

When we asked Alesha to help capture AHEM behind the scenes at our video shoot at the Emmy Award-Winning Rutgers iTV production studio, we knew we would like the results she would produce - but WOW did Alesha deliver! On the day of the shoot, Alesha served as both a production assistant and behind-the-scenes photographer/videographer. She took great care to not only capture the day through a variety of photojournalistic and creative photos (that we are thrilled to have) but also ensured our entire team looked great in HD. This talented creative is more than a photographer: Alesha is also the owner of Three Summers Creative, a creative media company.

Known for jumping in and burning many a midnight candle, Alesha wows and amazes. (She also has one of the snuggliest dogs we've ever met!)

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Alesha Peluso
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