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Sincere Thanks to Rutgers iTV Studio

At AHEM, we've been really lucky with the collaborative partnerships we've made, but one of our most exciting experiences has been working with the Emmy Award-Winning Rutgers iTV Studio team. Talk about bringing a dream to life...these amazing professionals are committed to quality and infused a huge amount of it into the AHEM you see in HD.

Special thanks to:

  • H├ębert Peck, Director
  • Pete Troost, Technical Director & Set and Lighting Design
  • Steve Barcy, Camera
  • Tom Sanitate, Audio
  • Alex Fahan, Engineer in Charge/Video Op
  • Debra Andriano, Production Coordinator
  • Diane Thorn, Administrative

>> Visit AHEM's Facebook Page for more behind-the-scenes photos from our video shoot.

Rutgers iTV

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Hebert Peck iTV

Pete Troost iTV

Steve Barcy

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