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Sincere Thanks to Soumya Sudhakar

You probably recognize Soumya Sudhakar, the star of AHEM's 1 Planet Project student edition, but she also has managed a wide range of projects for AHEM. As an intern from July 2012 through September 2012, Soumya brought dedication, energy, and enthusiasm to each project she touched. She's awesome!

Lucky for all of us, Soumya has remained actively engaged with the organization as an intern in her spare time.

Known for her vibrant smile, infectious laugh, and love for some good frozen yogurt, Soumya consistently exceeds expectations and impresses us with her creativity and sharp wit. In addition to her all around awesomeness, Soumya has the best *ahem* we've ever heard. Just sayin'!

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Soumya Sudhakar
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